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HomeWise Builders Cares about COVID-19

What’s we’re doing to help keep our community healthy & safe!

To Our Valued Clients, Staff, Vendors, and Trade Partners,

Undoubtedly you are aware of the concern in our community and around the world due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. We wanted to take a few moments to let you know how we are responding to the current situation.

We care deeply about our community, clients, staff, and trade partners and are committed to the health and safety of all! Although, cleanliness and safety are top priorities for us at HomeWise Builders daily, we have implemented the following precautionary measures:

Employees and Trade Partners
– Prior to the start of each day all employees and trade partners will be asked to check for fever and confirm that they do not currently have any symptoms associated with this virus including fever, cough, and shortness of breath.
– Any individual displaying these symptoms are required to stay home.

Working Locations
– We are taking extra precautions by disinfecting our work locations including; door handles, light switches, faucets, trash receptacles, work surfaces, and company vehicles.- – Gloves are being worn and disposed of properly following material runs, etc.
– We are asking that if anyone in a client’s home is displaying any possible symptoms of the illness that they will notify us immediately. Any work on a home with a possible infection will be suspended until there are no longer any chances of infection.

Office Environment
– Every individual will use hand sanitizer upon entering the office environment.
– All samples in the office are sanitized each time they are touched.
– All frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected at the beginning and end of each day using disposable gloves.
– Anyone displaying symptoms will be asked to immediately leave the office and anything that they have touched will be disinfected.

In addition, we will be offering virtual meetings using FaceTime, Zoom, or other video chat services on your phone, computer, or tablet where we can walk through your project together, answer your questions, and get a few simple measurements. Planning, design work and selection meetings can easily take place with respect to social distancing.
Let us know if you’re interested – no better time than NOW to get a head start on learning how to make the most of your space and Love Where You Live!

We share this information as we care about our community, clients, staff, and trade partners. We will continue to update our policies as the situation changes. Stay safe and healthy!

Cases & Latest Updates

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Click image for CDC information as it becomes available, in addition to updated guidance.

SOURCE: Remodel AutoPilot

These Bathroom Ideas will make you GREEN with Envy!

Gorgeous Green Cabinet

Green is a calming, centering color—the color of rejuvenation—so it’s a great choice for bathrooms. Often overlooked, green is a somewhat unexpected, but often stunning shade for nearly any bathroom. From emerald to sage, this color can provide a moment of calm before you start your day or as you get ready for bedtime. Green is an incredibly versatile and flexible color, perfect for modern bathrooms or classic ones. Whether you want to splash a coat of paint on your vanity (like this stunning hunter green version from craven_haven) or you are into a total tile revamp, here’s some inspiration to make you want to go green. 

Hunter Green Paint

One of the easiest and most effective ways to use green in your bathroom is simply by repainting the walls with a rich, glorious shade like this one from kathrynlavin. Green paint comes in a wide variety of shades, but this earthy, moody hue is giving us major inspiration. Plus, when paired with the white fixtures and subway tile, it stays light and airy. 

Shiny Green Tiles

from jonathanbondphotography nearly stopped us in our tracks. The bold chevron-laid tiles surely make a splash (no pun intended) in this guest bathroom. We love the rich jade hue that feels sophisticated but still a little playful, especially when paired with a pop of pink and gold. 

Soft Mint Green

If you want to create a spa-like space in your home, this stunning bathroom from architectseat is the perfect inspiration. The light mint green tiles feel incredibly clean and refreshing, especially when paired with the teak wood details. Pair a light, airy green with bamboo or natural wood in the bathroom for a neutral look that still has a pop of color. 

Deep Green & Dramatic

This stunning green bathroom from divinesavages is incredibly moody and utterly chic. We adore the art deco wallpaper and the gold bamboo mirror. Thought it’s on the darker side of the palette spectrum, this bathroom gives off a luxurious and calming feel. We love this kind of tone for a powder room or a guest bathroom where you can truly impress your family and friends.

Deep Green Soaking Tub

What is more luxurious than a soaking tub? ​A dark green soaking tub, like this one from thehousepotnoodlesbuilt. This bathroom has just enough color to give it plenty of texture and depth, but the contrasting white walls keep it light and open. While black and white will always be a classic combo, consider mixing it up and swapping out black for a dark green instead. 

Wallpaper & Moody Tiles

This lovely bathroom pictured by beckykimball may be small, but it’s big on style. We love the pairing of the dark green tiles with the lighter, fresh, beach-y wallpaper. If you’re worried that a dark green will overpower your bathroom, pairing it with lighter greens, grays and tans will keep it airy and bright while still packing a punch. 

Pink & Green

We think it’s time that pink and green replaced black and white as the best color combo out there. The colors of this fun bathroom from maxmademedoit give off a tropical island vibe we can’t get enough of. The soft, muted pink walls are balanced and grounded by the rich green floors and bathtub in this room. 

Paint the Tub

If you want an easy way to add a pop of green to your bathroom, consider refinishing a tub. A vintage clawfoot tub like this one from postprentisdesign is the perfect canvas for a coat of paint. Plus, this is a fairly easy DIY to do again and again whenever you feel like updating your bathroom space. 

Focus on the Wainscoting

If your bathroom has beautifully detailed wainscoting like this one from Small Stuff Counts consider giving it a mini makeover with a fresh coat of paint. We love how this moody green paint transforms the whole bathroom and makes it feel totally new. The right color can give your bathroom a facelift without needing to spend a lot of money. 

A Classic Bathroom

Many of the green bathrooms so far are modern, but this sweet bathroom from melanielissackinteriors proves that the shade works for nearly any home decor style. We love the muted sage green wainscoting, especially when paired with the lovely floral wallpaper. There are so many shades of green out there that there’s bound to be a version that works for your style. 

Sophisticated Simplicity

Green is such a powerful color that it can make your bathroom look unique and interesting, even in a simply decorated space. This chic bathroom from  karynmillet features a lovely shade of hunter green and a geometric wallpaper that complements it perfectly. 

A Pop of Color

Green is one of those colors where a little goes a long way. This cozy little bathroom from thewhitepeppervintage proves that even a pop of green paint can totally transform a bathroom. Painting the back of a shelf or the interior side of a door is a great way to give your bathroom a mini-makeover without a lot of effort. 

Mermaid Inspired

Now is the time to embrace your inner mermaid and channel the deep seas. As in this beautiful bathroom from theoldpiggery_, green is a great color to create a nautical vibe that’s a bit different from the standard blue and white version. Pick dark greens with blueish undertones for an ocean-inspired look. 

Create Your Own Built-in

We love this bathroom from claire.a.ramshaw, which creates the illusion of a built-in shelving unit with a single coat of paint. This rich green not only makes the whole space appear larger, but by painting the shelf the same shade as the wall, it almost blends into it and becomes invisible. 
We often shy away from dark colors because we’re scared they will make small spaces feel claustrophobic, but the truth is that a deep moody color like green will actually push the walls out and give the room more depth. 



How to Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors - Sebring Design Build

Cleanliness is one of the most important parts of our lives and we spend a lot of time and money to clean our homes. We use our showers daily, but how clean is your shower? Does the glass door still look clean & transparent? If not, we’ll guide you through a few ways to clean your glass shower doors and make them sparkle again.

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors - Sebring Design Build

What is Soap Scum?

The most basic issue with the glass shower doors is the soap scum. It snatches the transparent look of your shower door and makes it look ugly and gross in no time. Soap scum is basically a white colored filmy layer or it sometimes appears as gray which is formed when soap is used in hard water. The hard water contains magnesium and calcium which forms a scaly layer when mixing up with soap, minerals, and dirt present in tap water.

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors - Sebring Design Build

Removing Soap Scum

Soap scum should not be ignored. Soap scum is a substance made up of minerals and dirt which make layers on any surface and if not cleaned in a timely fashion and can become harder like concrete. So it is recommended to clean it on daily basis. There are many ways to remove soap scum.  Here are just a few tested guidelines for removing soap scum efficiently.

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors - Sebring Design Build

Every Day Squeegee

First, a basic and simple way to keep glass shower doors clean and shiny.  Soap scum is a compound/chemical reaction so it gets harder when not cleaned on a regular schedule. To avoid serious problems down the line and avoid having to spend a whole afternoon scrubbing your shower doors, it is necessary to clean glass shower doors on a daily basis and a squeegee can do the task for you.

A squeegee is basically a t-shape blade which is made up of rubber or leather used to spread or wipe liquid over the surface.  A squeegee is the best to clean glass walls after every use, just rub the wet walls and all your cleaning is done. Make sure to rub so that walls are no longer wet. If you don’t have time to perform daily cleaning,  you could try a rain repellent and protect the walls of your glass shower doors.

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors - Sebring Design Build

Cleaning Soap Scum with Vinegar

Vinegar solution contains a small number of acidic solutions (varying from 5%-20%) which are formed by fermentation of ethanol with acids. The solution can dissolve minerals in it so this could serve best to remove soap scum from glass doors. All you need is a spray bottle, vinegar and dish detergent that can fight grease.

Mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part dish detergent and spray the liquid on the glass door. Allow the liquid to work on the scum, wait for about 20-30 minutes and rinse with a clean cloth and make sure to completely dry out the surface.  You can also choose to use a dish cleaning scrubbing wand and fill the wand with this solution and keep this in the shower for daily (or almost daily) scrub downs.

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors - Sebring Design Build

Soap Cleaning Scum with Ammonia

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors - Sebring Design Build

If you are suffering from severe issues caused by soap scum then use of ammonia is recommended. Ammonia is a pungent compound made up of nitrogen and hydrogen.  This cleaning aid is normally called in to serve serious cleaning problems.

To clean your shower, all you need to do is take a spray bottle, water and of course ammonia. Fill the bottle by mixing 1 part ammonia and 3 parts water and drizzle it on the affected area. After about 5-10 minutes, take a scrubbing brush and scrub the surface to loosen the soap scum. After scrubbing all the scum, wipe it with water and dry it completely. Never ever skip this step.

Precaution: As ammonia is a highly pungent compound do not forget to wear plastic or rubber gloves. Keep your face at a secure distance from the place you are going to apply the solution.  Make sure the area is well-ventilated as well.  Always carefully mix given quantities of ammonia and water.

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors - Sebring Design Build

Cleaning Soap Scum with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a white chalky powder that has a wide range of uses from baking to cleaning. To get the best results for cleaning your shower doors, mix it with borax (another abrasive compound associated with cleaning). Mix equal amount of borax and baking soda and add water to make a paste. Then take a wet sponge, add the mixture and apply it on the area covered with soap scum. Remove all the scum and paste and dry the surface completely.

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors - Sebring Design Build

Safety Measures to Take

Cleaning your glass shower doors can be a big task and also requires a few safety measures to remember.  Always make sure to avoid creating a toxic environment and check before mixing cleaning products–there are many cleaning products that should never be mixed!  Use of both bleach and ammonia at the same time is prohibited. The vapors of ammonia and bleach create a toxic gas called chloramine which causes shortness of breath and chest pain.

How to Clean Soap Scum Off Glass Shower Doors - Sebring Design Build

Tips to Keep your Shower Doors Scum Free

  • The key to keeping your shower doors clean and scum free is to keep it dry. Make it a habit to dry glass shower doors after every use.
  • A lot of the soap scum mess is due to hard water–reduce the chances of soap scum by finding ways to soften hard water.
  • In the designing phase, always select a design which allows airflow properly so that the drying process is easy to accomplish or it will become a headache for you.
  • Shampoos and conditioners with oils are good as hair products but they are not good for the health of your glass shower doors, use less oily products as possible.
  • Soap scum is mainly caused by soap and especially bar soaps–try to use liquid soaps and body washes, as liquid soaps are more easy to dissolve.
  • Last but not least, always keep a towel and spray bottle in or near your shower, do a fast scrub/wipe down after every use and keep the walls dry.


What Would You Prefer?


+ Estimated low price. (what’s not included?)
+ Vague scope of work.
+ Poor workmanship.
+ Unmet expectations.
+ Poor communication.
+ Questions not asked that would improve your project.
+ Lack of best practices.
+ Lack of loyalty to trade partners.
+ No design expertise.
+ Inexpensive, unproven products & materials used.
+ Total chaos during the project.
+ Your home left messy.

= Pain and dissatisfaction from undesired results.


+ Fixed all-included price. (knowing allowances before project is started)
+ Transparency. Clear and documented scope of work.
+ Excellent communication
+ Questions asked that can improve your project.
+ Quality craftsmanship.
+ Quality, proven products & materials used.
+ Best practices
+ Loyalty to trade partners.
+ Design expertise you can see.
+ Clean, organized workspace.
+ Your home left better than it started.
+ Met expectations.

= Pleasure of enjoying your new space for years to come!

The answer seems pretty simple to me, but ask yourself…
“What would you prefer?”

Kitchen trends for 2020

Discover the top design
trends for the new decade

Eager to find out the latest kitchen trends for 2020? Look no further. This year it’s all about making a statement with rich colours, stormy shades and open shelving. We’ve done our research to get the low down on which design trends and kitchen styles the public have been scouring the internet for.

Natural materials and earthy tones are due a comeback, and we wave goodbye to rose gold as we welcome brass accessories back into our kitchen. Read on to find out the latest kitchen design ideas that are set to make an impact in 2020.

1. Midnight blue

kitchen trends 2020

Luxurious and dramatic, midnight blue has been storming the kitchen style charts in recent years – but always with a designer price tag to match. This stylish hue is going mainstream. Marble and brass beautifully complement this popular shade. Brass taps and marble effect worktops finish the look.

2. The stone age

garcinia matt stone kitchen

2020 is all about getting back to nature, with a sharp rise in searches for natural materials – particularly stone. The matt stone finish of this kitchen is extremely versatile and can be perfectly suited to a traditional or a contemporary kitchen. Pair with earthy tones, wooden chopping boards and lots of greenery for a kitchen that’s inspired by mother nature.

3. Merlot magic

pasilla matt carbon kitchen

Rich and indulgent, wine inspired kitchens are having a moment in 2020. Popular looks include pairing charcoal cabinets with deep, plummy tones or adding extra dramatic flair by giving your whole kitchen a bold refresh with cabernet inspired cabinet paint. This carbon kitchen is perfect for hosting decadent dinner parties.

4. Bold as brass

brass kitchen tap

With the increasing demand for dark kitchens, a rise in the popularity of brass accessories is predicted in 2020 across lighting, taps and handles. Brass stands out spectacularly well against a dark background, creating a classy and sophisticated look in your kitchen. Industrial brass taps are an easy way of giving your kitchen a contemporary edge and off-setting stormy shades.

5. Show-off shelving

white artemisia kitchen

Open shelving has had its time in the spotlight, and it’s being taken to the next level as we move into the new decade. Glazed cabinets with integrated lighting allow you to show off your glasses and plates, as well as making a style statement.