Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Spring and Summer Seasons Maintenance Checklist:

Tips & Benefits

Clean/replace AC & furnace filter

Saves energy, improves efficiency.

Reverse fans – to blow down.

Reduces stratification by circulating air.

Have HVAC serviced by professional.

Reduces chance of breakdown.

Check expiration of fire extinguisher charge

Important safety move.

Inspect and clean range hood and clothes dryer filters.

Reduce chance of vent fire.

Check GFI outlets

Reduce chance of shock.

Open foundation vents – unless automatic.

Saves energy, increases comfort.

Reconnect hoses to outdoor faucets and open shut-of valves to hose bibs.

Reverses winter action – after last chance of freeze has passed.

Test smoke and CO detectors and replace batteries if needed.

Safety and security.

Check caulking inside and outside and recaulk as necessary.

Saves energy and reduces chance of water damage and insect incursion.

Check and adjust front and rear doorsills.

Improves weather seal.

Check garage hardware. Tighten, and lube tracks and replace batteries in remotes.

Reduces chance of failure.

Clean leaves and debris off roof and gutters.

Reduces chance of moisture damage to trim.

Make sure downspouts and splash blocks drain away from house.

Reduce chance of foundation damage.

Check attic for roof leaks and repair.

Reduce chance of water damage to interior.

Crawl space openings should be blocked.

Reduce critter damage and nesting chance.

Drain sediment from hot water heater.

Improves efficiency and durability of tank.

Check window and door caulking.

Defends against air and water infiltration.

Close irrigation system drains and check system for leaks – reprogram for approved cycle.

Helps maintain landscaping and manages water usage.

Clean and seal decks, replace rotted decking if necessary.

Preserves appearance and improves deck longevity.

Vacuum refrigerator coils to remove dust.

Improves efficiency of refrigerator and saves energy.

Prune shrubs away from house – remove mulch touching wood siding.

Reduces insect incursion, saves siding repair and improves access.

Wash screens and windows, lube window tracks with paraffin wax or silicone and clean weep holes.

Improves appearance and operation of windows.